When you don’t know

What do you do when you can’t make decisions and feel like you are going in circles? I pray! Lord help me see and be obedient! I try my hardest to do what I believe is God’s will for me. We all fall short sometimes. Lately when I have asked God has shown me little signs in the direction he wants me to go. I had planned on going back to work. The job I was to start never actually happened. While I was waiting on that a friend of mine asked me to help on a project. Since then I have met some great people who I hope become friends. Their daughter has the same kind of epilepsy that I do Focal Epilepsy and I have never met anyone that shares this with me. A couple of nights ago I had a dream that I was running out telling my family that I had to go pray with my friends and that I had to hurry. The next day I told them about my dream. Come to find out one of them had a dream that they were being told to fast and drink more water and in 7 days he would be healed. The doctors were talking about putting him on kidney dialysis! We prayed that evening together and we all pray for each other daily! What amazing feeling it is to have friends that are like family! In Christ we believe and upon his word we stand! Going day by day and find hope and faith in the Lord that this season of my life will be great and I will do great things! Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and upon his Solid Rock I Stand! Jamielynn



I have not used this blog like I should! When I started it I had no idea what was to come of my life. Which we never do. If I only knew how tangled in everything I would be when I came up with that name many years ago. I chose it because I do so many different things and knitting is one of my favs. However tangled in everything has a new meaning for me. One thing I am not experienced in is blogging. I have let it go because of life. If you know me you understand. If not let me tell a little of my story….

After being diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy called Focal Epilepsy, my life spun out of my control. Living with seizures was not easy. Thank you Lord for my amazing family and friends who supported and prayed over me. I finally ended up with a top notch neurologist at an amazing Hospital facility! Beaumont Neuroscience Center in Royal Oak, Michigan! It took me going through 20 medications at least for my doctor and family after trying for about 3 or 4 years to finally talk me into having a brain surgery that was available to me. Two years ago I had the worst seizure I have ever had and stopped breathing twice. It was a terrible experience for me and my family! I was scheduled to start a new med the next week. Because of this medication my seizures finally decreased. 1 year ago this week I had my first surgery that was to prepare for the next step and I had brain surgery in December and I am now seizure free for way over a year! Praise the Lord!

After being tangled up in seizures, anxiety attacks and headaches for 7 years I am now getting my life back!

Started driving again 6 months after my last surgery because I was a year seizure free. I am now back to making bath and beauty products, knitting and crocheting! I am starting to take photographs again. Going back to work soon! It’s only up from here!

I have made several batches of soap and beauty products. I will be putting them out there this week! I am finishing several projects I have put away over the years. I am concentrating on me and my relationship with the Lord. Working with friends on large project that will be amazing when finished!

I hope that my blog can touch at least one person and help them! Thank you for reading.